Hello children! Welcome to a brand new establishment called Freddie Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex! Here you will find various entertainment and of course a lot of pizza! Don’t be shy, walk the floors, look around. We have prepared an unusual program for you that you will surely like! Do you see these cute dolls? These are animatronics. They are just like living things – if you turn the mechanism, they will start walking, dancing and even singing in funny voices. It is very exciting!

But when night falls, everything changes dramatically. Better don’t stay in this building after hours. After all, these adorable toys come to life and turn into bloodthirsty monsters, who have one goal – to kill everyone in their path. They will not spare anyone, so if you find yourself face to face with them, run as fast as you can! Fortunately, animatronics are not very intelligent, so they can be outsmarted. You can hide somewhere or even trap them. But there are so many of them that you need to keep your eyes peeled every second! Your task is to stay alive until the morning, when the black energy that drives the toys dries up and they no longer pose a threat. This will continue for five nights. Do you have the heart to survive through them?

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