Become the real master of the house in Totally Reliable Delivery Service! This is one of the best games that imitates delivery services, but in a very unique way. No, you won’t have to ride from one point to another on a plane and boring road. Everything is much more exciting! The game is highly-interactive and provides you with an opportunity to do a lot of other things in addition to delivery services. For example, you can just fool around, jump, and run enjoying the cool funny physics of the game. The ragdoll style is absolutely adorable and we bet that you will laugh aloud when moving in the game. Also, you are welcome to interact with numerous objects and things around you – almost everything that you can find on the map can be used for fun or work.
Gather a team of amazing deliverers who know how to work hard and entertain themselves as well! You will have fun playing this game on your own or with your friends. Each regime, whether communicative or solo, is perfect and you should try both of them for sure!

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