Do you remember a strange story of the office worker from The Stanley Parable? One day, when he was peacefully working in his office, strange things start to happen around. The hero was so involved in his office routine that he even did not notice that he stayed completely alone in the building. What has happened to everyone? Stanley has to leave his desk and look around – there must be some clue to it! So the player needs to guide his character around this strange place. This seemingly endless wandering is being accompanied by a narrator.

There are long corridors here to explore. But make sure you do not miss a special door with the New Content sign on it. You will have to step inside this room to enjoy the new features of this new remastered release. And the most interesting thing is that the developer allows for several endings in this entertainment. Which scenario is yours? It will fully depend on what steps you take as you move around. You cannot predict what awaits you next and whether the outcome is going to be good or bad for you. This feature makes the game especially exciting and allows the player to enjoy it several times, changing behavior and the ending option. Have fun!

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