This is a story about a regular boy who wanted to have some fun on a school field trip to a local amusement park. However, something went wrong and an awful thing happened. He was kidnapped right from one of the rides and found himself in an empty and spooky place. Well… not quite empty. There are monsters lurking in the shadows, and you have to be extremely careful if you want to survive!

Don’t let the monsters get to you!

In Rainbow Friends, you need to hold out for five nights and successfully avoid direct encounters will any of the monsters that are around you. They won’t attack at once – they’ll be waiting, picking the right moment and then scaring you to death with their sudden appearance out of the blue. You have to be prepared for such moments and keep your head cool! Moreover, every night you’ll receive some kind of a task that you’ll have to accomplish on this grim and creepy location. Good luck!

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