Everyone knows that our planet was once inhabited by huge dinosaurs and other giants. Would you love to recreate that epoch and bring all those extinct animals back to life? If yes, there is great news for you – Prehistoric Kingdom allows you to build your own park with all sorts of animals that died out centuries ago. It will be a special zoo with all the necessary conditions for wild nature inhabitants. You will work in two directions at once. On one hand, you will need to become a skillful manager to arrange proper living conditions for these unusual inhabitants. You will need rivers and mountains, and even jungle to make them feel at home! The game creators provide a lot of tools so that you can create your own prehistoric park.

But you will start literally from scratch to turn the huge territories into comfortable home for dinosaurs and other weird giants. You can fully express your imagination! Besides, you can even create new species. For this, you will need to find generic material around. It will be a real challenge, but you will get a chance to create an exclusive collection of rare animals. It will attract more visitors to your prehistoric place and bring you more money that you can further invest into new things for your zoo. Join this game to breathe a new life into extinct animals and impress everyone around with your miracle park! This great entertainment will be loved by both kids and adults!

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