If you’ve played Poppy Playtime before, you’re probably familiar with the entire lineup of vicious toys from the hit horror game. And now another character has been added to this toothy and clawed company – Mommy Long Legs! Her distinguishing feature is the unusual structure of the body. At first glance, you can’t tell if it’s a human being or some kind of a spider. The arms and legs of this new antagonist are long limbs that flex freely in all directions. Thanks to this, Mommy Long Legs has amazing flexibility and agility. She can move very quickly, as well as stretch her bloodthirsty paws through the smallest and most intricate cracks. Watch out!

As in previous games in the series, here you will have to explore an abandoned toy factory, escaping from its aggressive inhabitants. These are toys that came to life as a result of some mystical incident and killed all the workers. Now the building stands empty, but adventurers drop in from time to time to get to the bottom of these old-time events. The main character of this game is one of them. It won’t be easy for him, because he doesn’t know what he is looking for at all, and he sees this location for the first time. However, the developers didn’t leave you without tips that will lead you to answers if you follow them.

All the necessary information can be found in numerous files stored on computers that you will see in offices. Here you will find introductory videos that briefly tell the history of the company, as well as databases and access codes to production facilities. This is where you will meet your enemies! Be careful, they are very dangerous! Especially Mommy Long Legs. She is very cunning and can confuse you with her friendly appearance. Don’t fall for her sweet smile and remember that you are surrounded by evil monsters who won’t leave you alone until they see your dead body! Start playing and enjoy the adrenaline that will be constantly injected into your bloodstream!

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