In Life by You, step into a digital canvas where every element of existence is yours to mold. This avant-garde life simulation game for PC and Mac invites players to not just participate in a virtual world, but to actively shape it. Here, you can construct detailed life stories, build cities from scratch, and interact with your creations in profoundly personal ways. The game’s flexible design paired with robust modding capabilities opens up endless possibilities, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your characters’ lives and the environments they inhabit.

A World Shaped by Your Imagination

Unlock the full potential of your creativity in Life by You. The game distinguishes itself by offering players total control over their virtual universe. You can design your characters from the ground up, deciding everything from their physical appearance to their personality traits and life ambitions. These characters live in a world where the buildings, the cities, and even societal norms can be crafted to your specifications. As the game is in early access, your feedback and experiments with game mechanics play a crucial role in its development, making players integral to the game’s evolution.

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