In Granblue Fantasy: Relink, you ascend to the role of a sky-captain navigating the celestial archipelagos of the Sky Realm, a vast canvas of floating islands veiled in azure. Accompanied by Vyrn, your loyal dragon companion, and Lyria, a young girl endowed with the mystical power to command primal entities, your quest is to steer through the tempestuous skies toward Estalucia, a legendary isle whispered to lie at the very edge of the world. As you journey, you are drawn into a web of celestial intrigue and conflict, where the shattered peace of the realm hinges on the resurgence of dormant powers and ancient beasts.

A Dance of Blades and Bonds

The core of Granblue Fantasy: Relink is its dynamic combat system that marries real-time action with deep strategic layers. Here, every character you enlist into your crew brings a unique set of abilities, shaping a rich combat choreography that’s both visually enthralling and tactically demanding. You will weave together spells and swordplay to unleash devastating combos, known as Link Attacks, and build momentum towards explosive Chain Bursts that can turn the tide of the most desperate battles.

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