The security of the famous pizzeria has been compromised! The spirit of the Purple Killer who stood behind the creation of the evil animations has found his way into a young girl and now wants to complete the mission of his life with her hands by staining them with blood. Since the production of animatronics has been closed, there is no way to make more of wicked dolls directly. And while they can no longer come from the manufacturing line, there is a way to turn ordinary people into animatronics by putting the cursed chip inside their heads!

To accomplish that, the Purple Killer is going to use the body of Vanessa dressed as a white bunny. She needs to find suitable victims that can replenish the ranks of the walking toys. The best candidates for it are a bunch of children who are now visiting the opening of a new pizza place. Will you be able to survive in the upcoming massacre and maybe even prevent the terrible tragedy? Play FNAF 9, stay alive until dawn and make sure you don’t end up in an animatronic’s skin!

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